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Pure, real, beautiful, and authentic flavour. Spice is the 100% natural way to flavour foods; and that's exactly what we create at Green Saffron.
Fresh and pure spice blends, carefully crafted to infuse beautiful flavours into your cooking.

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About Green Saffron

At Green Saffron, we do what we do for the love of spice. We're tired of all the fakery in today's food, and we're here to help change things.

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Wholesale Spice Hub

The past 15 years spent in the spice fields of India working with our farmers, developing sustainable and ethical programs to deliver the highest grade, freshest spice has come to happy fruition.

We're flinging the doors wide open to our European Spice Hub, welcoming you to a world of beautiful, fresh flavour!

Our shopfront window to the finest quality Indian spice is OPEN delivering the best to your door.

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Arun and Parneet

Wholesale Spice Hub (Continued...)

Our European Spice Hub (ESH) is full of the finest Indian #FreshSpice ready to send to you across Europe and beyond, from full containers to pallet loads, individual sack or even single kilos, and all on a pick and pack basis.

We deal only in the best that India has to offer. We are your eyes and ears on the ground, controlling risk from seed to sales, combining accumulated sectoral knowledge with deep community, economic and AGRI-cultural relationships.

We offer total ‘chain of custody’ - our unique supply line delivers the least number of steps between you and the farmer.

No matter the quantity you buy from us, you’ll have clear line-of-sight to the Indian farmer that grew our wonderful, new season crop.

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Red Lentil Dahl

A wonderfully fragrant vegetarian dish from the southern, Malabaris region of India, split red lentils simply cooked. Vibrant peppery notes, a touch of clove and cassia bring depth and warmth, sweetened with ginger and coconut milk, tempered with earthy turmeric and cumin. Our raw cauliflower and lime juice salad freshen everything up and add texture. This is a hearty, healthy, clean dish perfect eaten as a main or as a side to all your favourite meals!

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Red Lentil Dahl

Corporate Social Responsibility

Learn about our support for Origin Green and the Hope Foundation

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