About Arun

Arun Kapil is an Anglo-Indian food entrepreneur, spice expert, and founder of Green Saffron – multi-award-winning purveyors of the finest spices, rice, sauces and spice blends you’ll ever experience. In addition to running his own food company, this charismatic character is a chef, author, vocal advocate and staunch supporter of his fellow small businesses.

There’s much more to Arun than meets the eye. His passion for the science of spice, flavour combination and achieving the best from his raw product is second to none. He may appear unassuming, but he’s a ball of energy, endlessly inspired by everything he encounters. His ridiculously infectious enthusiasm makes Arun the ideal spokesman for all kinds of spicy matters. No matter how conservative the customer, he manages to encourage everyone he meets to embark on their very own culinary adventures.

Arun regularly appears on Ireland’s Virgin Media, where he has a cookery segment on The 6 O’Clock Show, along with appearances on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch and regular appearances on RTE’s Today Show. A recent appearance as a ‘leading spice industry expert’ on the semi-final of BBC’s Masterchef was a great opportunity for him to meet other who share his passion for spice. He has also both demonstrated and orated at large-scale food events like the annual Abergavenny Food Festival. His skills with spice are in hot demand with top chefs the world over – this man roves the globe to share his knowledge and help develop dishes that completely redefine diners’ ideas about spice.

In Arun’s culinary world, the possibilities are endless. He believes we’re limited only by our own imagination, and aims to inspire and excite home cooks to experiment and explore spices of all sorts. His popular cookbook (published late 2014) introduced readers to an entirely new way of thinking about spices, and is tipped as a tome with potential to revolutionise popular perceptions on the topic.

Arun can wax lyrical about spices; but is equally adept at delivering snappy soundbites that carry real weight. As a noted spice authority, he boasts an ever-expanding encyclopaedic knowledge of his subject. He can capture a crowd’s imagination within a few seconds, and retain their interest for hours.

A BBC television appearance with Paul Hollywood on ‘Pies & Puds’ allowed Arun to introduce the presenter to some wonderfully esoteric wares, and share some of his surprising ways with spice. His wide-eyed enthusiasm might not quite have got Hollywood sprinkling black pepper over his trifle, but you could clearly see the baker giving it some thought!

Wherever spice is involved, Arun is your man. Whether he’s developing new products with retailers and restauranteurs; experimenting at Green Saffron’s own Centre for Spice Innovation; talking to customers at food shows and markets; or lighting up a stage or screen, he manages to sprinkle a little of that magical masala over proceedings. Need to spice something up? You know who to call.

Arun Kapil