3 is the magic number

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Eat curry, save money. See below for details.

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About the product

Welcome to our new voucher scheme. A way to save money whilst enjoying some delicious food!

You can exchange this voucher for three hot meals at one of our farmers’ market or food festival stalls. You can get one meal on three separate occasions, or three meals all at once if you’re hungry.

You’ll find us regularly at:
Mahon Point Shopping Centre, Thursdays 10am-2pm
Limerick Milk Market, Saturdays 10am-2pm

Please bring along the enclosed card and one of the team will simply clip one of Arun’s 3 heads for every meal you have!

For every one of these vouchers purchased, we donate €1 to Cork Simon – click here for details.

Even better, these vouchers will never expire. You can still swap it for a delicious hot curry when you’re buying the finest fresh spice from us in 2037.