Amchoor Mango Powder (1000g)

Product Code: GSI046


Green Saffron ethically sourced direct from farm, highest grade Amchoor Powder. New season, single source guaranteed. Our unique supply chain offers you full transparency and traceability, bringing you closer to the farmer with the fewest steps. See below for further details.

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About the product

This tart powder is made from unripe green mangoes; peeled, sliced, sun-dried and ground. Mangoes are part of the cashew family. Amchoor is dusted over all manner of cooked and raw foods in north Indian as a condiment making dishes really sparkle and come alive! Amchoor also works well as a meat tenderiser due to its key enzymes and high citric acid content. It’s a handy way of adding fruity flavour and a savoury tartness to a dish without extra moisture. Fantastic for tangy chickpea and legume curry cooking.

Part Used



North India

Harvest Time

March to June

Flavour note (bass, mid, high)

MID. Sour-tart, sherbet-like, fruity, honeyed caramel

Main flavour compounds

Ocimene, myrcene, limonene


Airtight and out of the light. Ideally not above 14°C

Use by

6 months from date