Curry in a box! (1000g)

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Our all new Curry in a Box! (Ireland only!) All the ingredients needed for a curry for 4-6 people, delivery included. Please check out the description below before placing your order.

About the product

Delivered direct to your door (within Ireland only!) our eco-friendly Spice Nourishment Boxes contain all the ingredients and help you need to make one of our delicious curries in the comfort of your own home. Experience all the flavours of modern India deliciously created in your own kitchen.

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our Spice Nourishment Boxes offering bespoke Vegetarian and ‘Meat’ based recipes for six of our most popular dishes:

Bombay Potatoes & Chana Masala (in the same box), Korma, Madras, Red Lentil Dahl or Tikka.


Choose from two versions of our Spice Nourishment Boxes:

  • A Vegetarian Box, €20, Serves 4

contains all the ingredients required to make vegetarian versions of our curries including our AAA grade Aged Basmati rice, a mix of seasonal roots, legumes and green vegetables, a ginger garlic paste, coconut milk, if needed, and of course our blends of 100% natural #freshspice that we source directly from family farms in India. We also include a sachet of our famous Garam Masala. Choose from six different blends in this format.


  • A (Meatless) Meat Box, €20, Serves 4

contains NO MEAT, but all the ingredients needed to make our curries, including our AAA grade Aged Basmati rice, a ginger garlic paste, coconut milk, green vegetables and of course our blends of 100% natural #freshspice that we source directly from family farms in India and our Mango chutney. If you have a leftover roast or need to use up the odd cuts lurking in your freezer, or can buy fresh meat locally, then this is the box for you! Choose from our Korma, Madras and Tikka blends in this format. Here again, we include a pack of our famous Garam Masala!


Families give a gift of Garam Masala as a sign of friendship and warm affection. In this spirit, with each of our Curry Boxes, you’ll find a small sachet of our masala. It’ll help elevate your curry with a final sprinkling ‘Gazab’¹ flourish or you could maybe pop onto our website and check out Arun’s Garam Masala Cookies recipe, they’re an ace pick-me-up with an afternoon cuppa. Enjoy!

¹Gazab is an old word used in Uttar Pradesh, North India where the poetic Hindi Urdu mix is much revered. It translates as ‘amazing’, ‘fantastic’ and is mostly used in a food context, an exclamation announced when tasting a ‘beyond delicious’ dish. Pronounced, ‘ger-zup’.


Each Spice Nourishment Box will include a really simple-to-follow A4 recipe, prep and cooking time indications, utensil and checklists that Arun has (had much tasty fun) specifically devising, testing and perfecting to guarantee you a meal of immense, joyous, healthy, authentic flavour!

How will it work:

Simply place an order online via our website any time, or by phone (021 463 7960) during office hours. All orders to be placed by each Monday at 2 pm cut-off for delivery on Friday of the same week.

This photo represents our entire range of “Curry in a Box!” choices and shows enough food to possibly feed a small army. To prevent food waste, one box will give you a bespoke selection of ingredients and all the flavour needed for 4-6 people. Everything to make a delicious #freshspice meal is included, saving you from making a trip to the shops!


  • Watch out for the video(s) of Arun, ‘the Irish Spiceman’, cooking a dish made from one of our boxes. Jump onto our social channels: Insta, Facebook and Twitter
  • An ever-expanding menu of fantastic, interesting and inspirational recipes made using our #freshspice sachets; sticky grills, Madras burgers, Corn Pakora salads, Naan pizzas, spicy ‘Garm Sunshine’ dressings, roasts, bakes and many more..!

All vegetables will be sourced fresh from a local store, The Village Greengrocer, Castlemartyr, Co Cork.