Fennel, Ground (1000g)

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Green Saffron ethically sourced direct from farm, highest grade Ground Fennel ‘Seeds’. New season, single source guaranteed. Our unique supply chain offers you full transparency and traceability, bringing you closer to the farmer with the fewest steps. See below for further details.

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About the product

This spice is indigenous to the Mediterranean and is popular in Italian and French kitchens. The ground spice is an essential constituent of Chinese 5 Spice, and whole the seeds make up one-fifth of the quintessential Bengali spice mixture, ‘Panch Phoran’. Toasting removes some of the spice’s sweetness and tends to be treated this way when incorporated in breads and cheeses. Imparting a slightly mottled anise flavour to all it touches, fennel is a great digestive, used in many digestifs from Ferna Branca to Absinthe and the Indian (non-alcoholic) classic, ‘Mishri and Soonf’. A mixture of gem like, crystal-clear sugar and fennel fruits this blend not only acts as a palate cleanser, but also a great aid to digestion.

Part Used



Gujarat, North West India.

Harvest Time

February to March

Flavour note (bass, mid, high)

MID. Sweet middle, muted anise

Main flavour compound

Anthole, fenchone 1,8-cineole, linalool, safrole.


Airtight and out of the light. Ideally not above 12°C

Use by

6 months from date