Fenugreek Leaves (Methi) (250g)

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Green Saffron ethically sourced direct from farm, highest grade Fenugreek Leaves. New season, single source guaranteed. Our unique supply chain offers you full transparency and traceability, bringing you closer to the farmer with the fewest steps. See below for further details.

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About the product

Fenugreek or Methi leaves are a commonly used herb, particularly in North Indian cooking. Indigenous to Southern Europe North West India, it also goes by the name of Greek Hay or Greek Clover. It’s a legume related to the garden pea with the dried methi leaves imparting a smoky, earthy and slightly bitter flavour. Best added towards the end of the cooking process to make the most of its flavour. Full of beneficial trace minerals and high in iron, this herb is a fantastic alternative to spinach. Indeed, the Rajasthani’s cook a delicious Methi leaf curry, simply with a little onion, chilli and ghee. One of its main constituent compounds, sotolon is responsible for its ‘curry’ fragrance and sweetness.

You can find our fenugreek seeds here.

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Rajasthan and Gujarat, North West India.

Harvest Time

February to March

Flavour note (bass, mid, high)

MID. Bitter, sweet middle, muted smoky anise and curry tones.

Main flavour compounds

Sotolon, hexadecane, ethyl esters of linoleic, and evulinic


Airtight and out of the light. Ideally not above 12°C

Use by

6 months from date