Turmeric, Ground (1000g)

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Green Saffron ethically sourced direct from farm, highest grade Turmeric Powder. New season, single source guaranteed. Our unique supply chain offers you full transparency and traceability, bringing you closer to the farmer with the fewest steps. See below for further details.

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About the product

Grown in the north and south of India, this is a truly wonderful spice reputed to have beneficial effects as an anti-rheumatoid, anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogen. The orange-gold hue of the auspicious spice imparts when both fresh and dried is simply beautiful and it can cause rather stubborn stains. To turn the rhizomes from knobbly, ginger-like roots to the brilliantly-coloured powder we’re so familiar with, fresh turmeric is boiled, dried, and ground. Aside from its use as a dye, which dates back to 600BC, turmeric is a staple ingredient in Indian cookery. Its bitter astringency means it needs to be thoroughly ‘cooked out’, usually in hot oil, and used in small quantities. Used correctly, it imparts an earthy background note essential to correctly round out the flavours in many Indian dishes.

Part Used

Rhizome (root)


South East India

Harvest Time

January to March

Flavour note (bass, mid, high)

BASS. Sweet, earthy, astringent, punchy-warming tones.

Main flavour compounds

turmerone, atlantone, and zingiberene.


Airtight and out of the light. Ideally not above 14°C

Use by

6 months from date