White Pepper ‘West Coast’, Ground (1000g)

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Green Saffron ethically sourced direct from farm, highest grade Ground White Pepper. New season, single source guaranteed. Our unique supply chain offers you full transparency and traceability, bringing you closer to the farmer with the fewest steps. See below for further details.

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About the product

The same fruits that yield both black and green pepper, also give us white pepper. White pepper is simply the seed to black pepper’s fruit without the black husk or pericarp. New enzyme and pectin methods employed to produce white pepper yield 70% of the black or green pepper used taking 2 days to convert green and 3 from black. Skinning the corns means that some volatile aromas are absent, but white pepper retains the full pungent quality of its black counterpart. In essence, there is a higher concentration on volatile oils in black than white pepper. The spice is mainly used in the West, and frequently where a ‘peppery’ flavour is called for but the visibility of black pepper would spoil the appearance of a dish. It will provide pungent heat but not the highly fragrant quality of black pepper.

You can find our whole white pepper here.

Part Used



South India

Harvest Time

January to March

Flavour note (bass, mid, high)

BASS. Sweet, earthy, astringent, punchy warming tones.

Main flavour compounds

alpha and beta pinenes, piperine, chavicine, careen, limonene, cubenol, asaricin and 2-ethyl-3,5dimethylpyrazine (also found in cacao), caryophyllene


Airtight and out of the light. Ideally not above 14°C

Use by

6 months from date