Bhuna (35g)

Product Code: D02426 SB


Fresh, authentic Green Saffron spices, expertly blended, simple to cook at home. See below for further details.

About the product

This is a beautiful, simply spiced meal. Bhuna refers to the style of cooking: you could say it’s the Indian equivalent of a ‘confit’ style dish. You’ll be gently frying and cooking the meat in its own juices, so maximising the combined flavours of the lamb with the warm, tingly heat of black pepper, cloves and black cardamom amongst others.

Patience is the key. You need to cook on a low flame throughout, and the rewards are an intensely tasty, tender lamb, rich-spicy-gravy bowl of loveliness. Perfect with mounds of Green Saffron’s fluffy Basmati!

Recipe: Bhuna