Chana Masala (35g)

Product Code: D02433 SB


Delicious Indian comfort food made with our superior, single estate spices. See below for more details.

About the product

Our family’s Northern Indian blend of this classic vegetarian chick pea dish. Base notes of the freshest, deep golden yellow powdered turmeric anchor intensely simple flavours and combines beautifully with the citrus notes of the freshest ground coriander and deep earthy zing of cumin, direct from Unjha, Gujarat.

The spices work perfectly with chick peas, fresh root ginger and plump, ripe tomatoes.

This is delicious Indian fast food at its finest, taking only around 20 minutes to cook from start to finish. We grew up on this dish and it was the first we all learnt to cook, such is its appeal and simplicity.

It’s best served with our fragrant Aged Basmati rice.

Recipe: Chana Masala