Bombay Potatoes (25g)

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We uniquely source our whole spices directly from the finest farms in India – new season’s, single estate, finest quality spices with a higher volatile oil content for superior flavour and health giving properties. We then mill and blend these to age old family recipes.

About the product

The most simple and beautifully aromatic potato dish. One of the most simple and flavoursome dishes it’s possible to make. Simply cube a kilo of potatoes, slice half an onion, mix them in a roasting tray with the spices and oil or ghee, then roast it all in the oven for around half an hour.

It’s incredibly versatile – a great accompaniment to any Indian meal, wonderful with a Sunday roast, sublime as a snack on its own.

With the most simple recipe on the back this sachet is highly recommended!

Certified Coeliac and Vegan friendly

(Note: this is the same as our Bombay Aloo blend – just a different name!)

Cooking tips: you can use any root veg or a combination of potato and vegetables.

Recipe: Bombay Potatoes

Recipe: Bombay Aloo Soup